The SufferHub Project

We're here to help you hit your fitness goals by making exercise more fun, more social, and more rewarding. We help you use your workout data to have fun, stay motivated, earn prizes, and gain new insights by using that data in new ways. We believe exercise should be about more than just suffering!


How SufferHub Works:


Do your workout of choice. We currently support the following GPS motion-tracked activities: cycling, running, hiking, and walking. Capture your data automatically using our mobile app, or use the .FIT files you're already capturing from your Garmin fitness device!


Upload your workout file, share your progress with your fitness-minded friends and socialize with fellow SufferHub members. Participate in online competitions with friends and fellow SufferHub members worldwide!


Your workout data is worth more at SufferHub! You earn game achievements, leaderboard placement, and SufferBucks points with every workout, which power our online competitions where you can win real-world prizes like fitness equipment, clothing, and more!

Let's get started!

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About The SufferHub Project

SufferHub occupies the convergence zone of fitness, online gaming, and big data. Our primary motivation is to encourage people to be more healthy and active, by rewarding healthy behavior. By making workouts into games with rewards, we hope to help people set and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. We're offering a carrot - a bit of extra positive incentive to stay on the path to a healthier life.

SufferHub was also inspired by the notion that we're not getting as much value as we could be out of the massive amount of location + fitness data being captured by individuals all over the world. We've got increasingly widespread adoption of smartphones and workout-specific measurement devices that allow us to gather GPS coordinates, speed, distance, heartrate, and even power output. Currently, most of that fitness data lives locked away in private databases with no ability for others to access it for wider trend analysis or correlation with other datasets. We believe we can do more than simply examine our own data in isolation, or in direct comparison to other "pockets" of users.

It's time to start having more fun while working out, and to start finding new ways to make this data benefit the people who created it in the first place!

Our Team

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Contact the SufferHub team

We'd love to have you join the SufferHub community, and hear your ideas for how we can make this a more fun and rewarding place for our members. Check out the resources listed on the right, and choose your favorite methods of getting in touch with our team.

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